Content Strategy

This is for you if you know content is key to your business but you need help getting a handle on it – whether that’s organizing it, planning it, or figuring out where it should go. I’ll unravel it all for you and put it back together so it’s actionable, accessible, and organized. 

What you’ll get:

I’ll develop a content strategy for your brand encompassing your website, email, and social media channels. Your strategy will include:

  • key messages
  • key communications channels
  • goals for each channel (and how to reach them!) 
  • What content formats you’ll focus on – email, infographics, blog posts – who will be creating that content, and how
  • A breakdown of your audiences and what content types and channels you’ll be using to reach them each of them
  • An editorial calendar, a key element of any content strategy, with your content mapped out for you so it’s easy to scan and see at a glance

This will provide you with a clear roadmap for how your content can support your broader goals and processes for creating your content as well as what analytics to track to determine if you’re meeting your goals.


We’ll kick things off with a 1. 5 hours meeting where we’ll dig deep into your current content strategy, the hurdles you face, and your goals for your brand. We’ll also identify what problem the key problems your business solves for your audience(s).

I’ll use the data gleaned from that meeting to create a strategy that clearly defines your content goals, delves into your audiences, focuses on your niches, and has clear guidance on how to measure and reach your results.  As I develop your strategy I may book follow-up calls and meetings to check in on assumptions or ask further questions – up to two more hours of calls. 

You will also get some homework after our first call.  

Everything will wrap things up with a 1 -1.5 hour meeting to review your strategy and we can go back and forth via email to clarify any outstanding items for two weeks following that meeting. 

Investment: From $4K

Timeline: 6 weeks+

Note: I also offer content strategies for one off elements of your content such as your social media, your email, or your blog. Please contact me for pricing.