Demystifying Social Media Coaching

This is for you if you know you “need” to be on social media but you’re not sure what channel is right for you, how to get started, and how to talk the social media talk? I’ll coach you and get you up to speed so you’ll be able to hold your own when people start talking “reach” and “subtweeting” and “hashtags”. 

This option is perfect for small business owners or people who’ve been tasked with taking on social media for their organizations without a solid social media background. This is an (almost) jargon-free entry to the world of social media, no question is too silly, and we’ll walk you through getting set up, the best platforms to use, potentially using scheduling software such as Hootsuite.


The process starts with a one-hour meeting to dig into where you’re at and what you need. Based on your needs I’ll put together a proposal for our work together. 

Investment: $100/hour, 5 hour minimum