Editorial Calendar

This is for you if you want to get ahead of your content instead of constantly playing catchup. The best part about having your content mapped out in advance is that you can plan ahead, assign content to others on your team as needed, and never again scramble for ideas for your email newsletter or blog. 

What you’ll get:

Six to 12 months of content mapped out for you on a handy, easy to scan calendar. This can include yet-to-be-developed content, existing content, and/or content that will be repurposed or repackaged for your audience. Your calendar will include:

  • Content based on milestones and themes specific to your business cycle.
  • A content creation process specific to your resources and linking specific content to each channel you’ll be using.  
  • A template for each type of content you’ll be producing to streamline your content creation and make sure you don’t miss any elements.  You can work this template into your existing processes or use it as a standalone document. 
  • Peace of mind. No more madly casting about for ideas for things to write about and then wondering who’s going to write them. The best thing about having an editorial calendar is the flexibility it gives you. It leaves you open to add breaking news or items that you couldn’t predict in advance, while also making sure you have a plan to regularly create and share content. Because there’s nothing worse than visiting a business’s blog that hasn’t been updated for three years…


To start we’ll book a 1.5 hour meeting where together we’ll dig into where you’re at with your content now, the challenges you face, your analytics, and your audience.

Then I’ll determine where your audiences are and what type of content they’ll respond to. Based on that we can determine if you need to add any platforms that you’re currently not using or stop using any platforms that you’re currently using.

After that I’ll look at milestones and themes specific to your business cycle and determine the content needed to support those themes. 

I’ll also look at what’s realistic for you to create with your current team so your calendar is aligned with your capacity. Or we can look at finding someone to help support you create content if necessary. 

Things will  wrap things up with another 1.5 hour meeting to review your strategy and and we can go back and forth via email to clarify any outstanding items for two weeks following that meeting. 


6 months – $2K

12 months – $3.5K

Timeline: 4 – 6 weeks

Note: your editorial calendar can be developed independently of your overall content strategy but it will be more effective if you already have a content strategy in place. I can also develop annual editorial calendars for your business on an ongoing basis.